JEE Mains Maths 2022 : 20 Years Chapterwise, Topicwise Solved Papers


From here you can download past 20 Years Chapter-wise Topic Wise JEE Main Solved Paper Latest Edition 2022 for Maths PDF for free and best quality. JEE Advanced exam is one of the most important exams through which you can get admission in NITs, IITs and other engineering colleges as well. As per the new pattern released by NTA( which conduct JEE Exam), this exam consists of both MCQ type and integer type questions.

Because only few days are left for JEE Main 2022, which is going to help you. So Panda Study have uploaded 20 Years JEE Main Solved Papers in 2022.

Chapters Download 
1. Sets Relations And Functions Click Here
2. Complex Numbers And Quadratic EquationsClick Here
3. Matrices And DeterminantsClick Here
4. Permutations And CombinationsClick Here
5. Mathematical InductionClick Here
6. Binomial Theorem And Its Simple ApplicationsClick Here
7. Sequences And SeriesClick Here
8. Limits, Continuity And DifferentiabilityClick Here
9. Applications of DerivativesClick Here
10. Integral CalculusClick Here
11. Differential EquationsClick Here
12. Coordinate GeometryClick Here
13. Three-Dimensional GeometryClick Here
14. Vector AlgebraClick Here
15. Statistics And ProbabilityClick Here
16. TrigonometryClick Here
17. Mathematical ReasoningClick Here



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